Senior Terrorist Arrested In Kirkuk

Government & Politics

Kirkuk, A security source in the province of Kirkuk said that a security force of the National Security in Kirkuk arrested the so-called security assistant for Anbar province during his entry to Kirkuk.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that “The national security in Kirkuk were able today to arrest the security assistant in Anbar province, who fled to Syria and then was able to go to Turkey to oversee the treatment of terrorist fighters there, and a few days ago he entered the city Mosul and upon entering Kirkuk today and through accurate information and follow-up, the security forces in Kirkuk and under the supervision of its director managed arrested him.

The source added that the terrorist was carrying false IDs, but initially he confessed to belonging to Daesh organization and his real name after confronting him with the information available about him.

He pointed out that the terrorist is an important target and has information about the terrorist organization and its fugitive leaders.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency