SG Deputy of COM heads first meeting of Supreme Committee to Consider Evaluating Creators in ministries and authorities not related to a ministry

The SG Deputy of COM, Dr. JasimMuhammed AL-Halbosi headed the first meeting of the Supreme Committee to Consider Evaluating Creators in the ministries and authorities not related to a ministry

AL-Halboosi stressed that the work of the previous committee and its resolutions and approving the creative works for a number of the governmental employees and paying the reward for them, it did not take its proper course due to exceptional circumstances, and the current committee will work seriously to approve the creative works (41 works). The committee will address the COM to instruct the concerned authorities to pay the rewards to encourage them.

Al-Halbousi indicated that the first meeting will set well-studied work steps, in coordination with the committees in the relevant ministries, to evaluate the creative works of their employees, according to a strategic vision aimed at coming up with a national work formula and specific results that will be the basic criteria for selecting these works.

The committee recommended to address the ministries and entities not relatedto a ministry to provide the Higher Committee for Creators with its ministerial orders and previous work, and to confirm the approval of previous creative works recommended by the Committee and approved by the COMto disburse the financial reward allocated to them, and choosing a representative of the private sector to join the committee.

The committee includes in its membership representatives from the Ministries of Planning, Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Labor and Social Affairs, and the National Security Advisory, as well as representatives from the private sector, and the Iraqi Inventors Forum.

It had set the reward for the creative work of the government employee at an amount of fifteen million dinars, to be spent from the budget of the beneficiary if it was from the private or mixed sector, based on paragraph (2) of the COM ‘s decision (46 of 2020).

Source: Republic Of Iraq General Secretariat for the council of mininsters