Shammari: Turkish Prime Minister’s Visit To Iraq Is A Turkish Retreat Against Iraqi Fortitude

BAGHDAD / The adviser in the Council of Ministers, Ihsan al-Shammari considered the visit of the Turkish Prime Minister to Iraq is retreat before the Iraqi fortitude to reject the Turkish military presence in the north of the country.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / "This visit represents the initiation line to turn the page on the differences between Ankara and Baghdad, which has been tense as a result of the presence of Turkish troops on the ground in Iraq," considering the visit "a Turkey retreat against Iraqi stability, particularly the formal rejection by the prime minister and other political and popular parties and brought a very great message to Turkey that the subject is a breach of sovereignty. "

Shammari added that "the timing of the visit comes within the framework of the picking up relationship and starting with a new extents to develop relationship on the basis of common interests.".

About the presence of PKK forces in Iraq, he said that "Turkey understands first, the nature of the Iraqi vision, which is not to allow the presence of any troops to be a springboard for operations against neighboring or regional countries, and I think the Iraqi government is not responsible for the presence of / PKK /, since the agreement (truce) between the Turkish government and the organization pushed them to the border with Iraq. "

Shammari stressed that "the Iraqi government will not allow the presence of Turkish troops or allow the Turkish flight to violate the sovereignty and hit / PKK / indicating that the issue can be addressed with the Iraqi government in other ways."

Turkish Prime Minister / Bin Ali Yildirim / is scheduled to visit Iraq early next week.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency