Shawki: Hakim Will Visit Egypt Soon

BAGHDAD / MP for the citizen bloc, Salim Shawki said "the head of the Iraqi National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim will soon visit Egypt, to define what is the political settlement."

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / that "the political settlement will have local, international and regional guarantees and there must be a tour for the process's sponsors to clarify the image in the region."

He added, "The head of the National Alliance had a tour to Jordan and Iran, and the next round will be to Egypt possibly about a political settlement."

He said, "the United Nations will have a role in the political settlement process with some of the Gulf states or perhaps partners who have good relations with the neighboring Gulf countries and will have mutual visits."

The political settlement is scheduled to be put up in the coming period on all the political blocs.

Source: National Iraqi news Agency