Signing a memorandum of understanding between the Kurdistan region and the Netherlands to develop the agricultural sector

Baghdad The Kurdistan Regional Government and the Dutch government signed today, Sunday, a memorandum of joint cooperation to develop the agricultural sector.

The Minister of Agriculture in the provincial government, Bekird Talabani, said during a joint press conference with the Dutch Consul General in the region: This memorandum is one of the most important notes for the development of the agricultural sector in the region, in cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Dutch Consulate General in the region.

Talabani added, according to the website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan: “We formed a joint coordination committee to discuss ways of cooperation between the two sides, and it was agreed on some axes. The task of this committee will be to develop the agricultural industry, protect food security in the Kurdistan region, provide job opportunities and market farmers’ crops.”

She explained that, this memorandum provides an opportunity to benefit from the Dutch experience in the field of agricultural development, and we thank the Dutch government for its continuous support to the Kurdistan region.

She pointed out that there is a Dutch team in the Kurdistan region, which will have multiple visits to the regions and agricultural projects, and this team will present its observations on the development of the agricultural sector in the region.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency