The Iraqi security forces, killed six Daesh militants, in a clash near the town of Hawijah, in Iraq's oil-rich province of Kirkuk, a local police source, said.

Acting on intelligence report, a joint force from the local police and government-backed paramilitary tribal fighters, raided a house last night, at a village near Hawijah, some 230 km north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, Capt. Ahmed al-Jubouri from Hawijah police said.

The security forces surrounded the house and clashed with suspects holed up inside, leaving six of them killed, Jubouri said.

During the past few months, dozens of Daesh militants fled their former bases in Salahudin Province and Hawijah, in the west of Kirkuk, after the Iraqi forces cleared these areas, during major anti-Daesh offensives.

However, Daesh remnants used hideouts in rugged areas near the rivers of Tigris and Zab, as well as, Himreen mountainous areas, to continue their almost daily attacks against civilians and the Iraqi forces.

Source: NAM News Network