At least six people were wounded, Sunday, in a bomb blast in downtown Baghdad, while the police arrested head of a criminal gang, in Iraq’s eastern province of Diyala, security source said.

The incident took place in the evening, when a bomb detonated outside a massage centre, near Maysaloon Square, in eastern Baghdad, wounding six people and damaging nearby buildings and shops, Captain Abdullah al-Hashimi, from the Interior Ministry’s operations office, said.

In a separate incident, Ali al-Daiyni, head of Diyala’s provincial council, said that, a police force acted on intelligence reports, and raided a safe house of a criminal gang and arrested their suspected leader, known as Amir (commander) of abduction.

The gang leader was wanted for involving in 38 kidnappings, murders, extortion and rape, in various parts of the province, Daiyni said.

The incidents came, despite dramatic decline in violent attacks in the country, during the past few months, particularly after the Iraqi security forces dislodged the extremist Daesh militants, from all Iraqi areas.

Source: NAM News Network