SMC: The Intelligence Agency Continues Its Qualitative Operations Against Terrorist Gangs In Salah al-Din

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced that the intelligence agency is continuing its qualitative operations against terrorist gangs in Salah al-Din.

In a statement, it said: “In continuation of the qualitative operations that the intelligence agency launched in the desert of Al-Aith area in Salah al-Din Governorate, today it was able to carry out a complementary operation to the operation that it embarked on the 23rd of this month.”

The statement added: “The outcome of the operations was the destruction of a number of dens used by ISIS gang members to launch their terrorist operations, as well as the destruction of a den that was prepared as a hideout and a headquarters for operations, indicating that the bodies of terrorist elements who were killed in the previous operation were also found, and the operations are still continuing in the sector to completely cleanse the area from the remnants of terrorist gangs.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency