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Sources From The “Taliban”: The Movement Is Now Controlling All Of Afghanistan

Baghdad  Three sources from the “Taliban” announced that the movement is now controlling all parts of Afghanistan.

One of the movement’s leaders told Reuters: “Thank God, we are in control of the whole of Afghanistan, the rioters have been defeated and Panjshir is now under our leadership.”

The movement announced its control of the second largest area in the state of Panjshir, the last focus of the anti-resistance in the country.

Earlier today, Taliban spokesman Hanafi Wardak stated on his Twitter account that “the large and strategic Brian district of Panjshir has been completely cleared of criminal formations, which is the second largest district in Panjshir.”

Media reports were talking about the failure of the “Taliban” attempt to storm Panjshir last night and incurring tangible losses.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency