State Of Law Coalition Officially Announces The Launch Of Its Propaganda Campaign To Participate In The Parliamentary Elections

Baghdad / NINA / – The head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, officially announced, amid a large public celebration in Baghdad, the launch of the coalition’s propaganda campaign in preparation for participating in the parliamentary elections scheduled for next October 10.

Al-Maliki said in a statement to his office, “The State of Law Coalition decided to announce its propaganda campaign early, in its belief in the necessity of holding the elections on the specified date, and it stands against postponing them under any pretext, and if the elections are delayed, they will not be held again, and we will enter into constitutional problems.” He called on the government to provide the appropriate atmosphere for holding free and fair elections away from the manipulation of saboteurs and forgers, and the need for the counting and sorting process to be done manually, in addition to electronic counting and sorting.

The head of the State of Law coalition stressed: “The need for everyone to have a sincere stance to address the crises that Iraq is suffering from.”

He continued, “We have a great responsibility to correct the previous policies and mechanisms in order to make the reform process that our honorable Iraqi people aspire to succeed, and there is no choice for correction except through democratic mechanisms and through participation in the elections and the choice of those who represent us in the government and parliament,” calling on everyone to cooperate to contribute to building the country because Iraq cannot be ruled by one party, or a particular component.

The head of the State of Law coalition stressed the need to “achieve political consensus through which we can preserve the security and prestige of the state and combat corruption,” noting: “We have a great opportunity to complete the process of building the state, bring about economic development, and care for the poor classes and disadvantaged areas.”

He warned against practicing electoral terrorism, which some are trying to carry out in order to create an imbalance within the next parliament.

The head of the State of Law coalition expressed his hope that the propaganda process would prevail in an atmosphere of intimacy and brotherhood, wishing all participants in these elections victory and that their results would come in the interest of the dear Iraqi people./ End


Source: National Iraqi News Agency