STATEMENT – On child injured and a school damaged in Baghdad rocket attack

BAGHDAD, “A child being hurt is a child too many.

“A child and a woman were injured, and a school was damaged, in a rocket attack last night in Baghdad.

“Children must be protected from attacks at all times. Schools and homes must be safe at all times.

“We wish the injured child and woman a speedy recovery. Nothing justifies attacks on civilians, including children and women. UNICEF calls on all parties to fulfil their obligation, under international law, to protect children at all times. All children in Iraq deserve to live their lives without the constant threat of violence.

“Schools should be protected. They are a place of sanctuary for children to learn and fulfil their potential. Attacks on schools and education facilities are one of the six grave violations against children. As per the Safe Schools Declaration, endorsed by Iraq in May 2015, attacks on schools expose students and education personnel to harm, deny large numbers of children and students their right to education and so deprive communities of the foundations on which to build their future”.

Source: United Nation of Iraq