Suhail: The Liberation Of Mosul Is A Great Opportunity For Reconciliation

Baghdad - "The continuous victories of our security forces have proved the ability of Iraqis to confront terrorism and eliminate it without the need for any foreign forces," Hisham al-Suhail, head of the reconciliation and accountability committee.

"The liberation of Mosul has become an important sign of the great victory of Iraq not only on the military level but also on the political level," he told the National Iraqi News Agency .

"The liberation of Mosul is a great opportunity for reconciliation and political consensus, rather than holding conferences that fuel sectarian differences and confessions, which will disappear with the conviction of all the importance of political and social consensus for Iraq after Daesh."

He expressed the Committee's readiness to work to enhance consensus and social and political reconciliation to strengthen the foundations of Iraq's unity, security and stability.

The announcement of the final victory over terrorism in Mosul will be during the next few days after besieging Daesh by the military and security forces in small pockets of the city soon to be eliminated.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency