Supreme Islamic Council And Dawa Party Affirm The Coherence Of The Coordination Framework And The Rejection Of Exclusion And Monopoly Of Power

Baghdad The Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq and the Islamic Dawa Party affirmed the coherence of the coordination framework and the rejection of exclusion and monopoly of power.

A statement by the Supreme Council stated: “A delegation from the Political Bureau of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq visited the Islamic Dawa Party, and congratulated it on the success of the 18th Congress of the party, and the re-election of Nuri al-Maliki as Secretary-General.”

The two sides stressed the importance of maintaining stability and the principle of participation in the political process, rejecting any attempts to exclude or monopolize power, leading to more crises and delaying the wheel of services.

They pointed to the role of the coordinating framework forces in dealing with high responsibility through their cohesion and steadfastness on the principles of unity, word and position in confronting the method of imposing wills and weakening the strength of the larger component.

The statement noted the strengths and characteristics of the coordination framework, its impact factors, its openness to all partners, its adoption of the principle of dialogue and the convergence of viewpoints to remove the danger of any threats to the stability of citizens’ lives and the safety of their future.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency