Sweden Increases Its Support For Restoring Stability In Newly Liberated Areas Of Iraq


The Government of the Kingdom of Sweden has contributed an additional US $ 12 million (100 million Swedish kroner) to the UNDP Stabilization Project, which funds quick stabilization initiatives in the liberated areas. Bringing the total contribution of Sweden since 2015 to US $ 26 million (SEK 212.1 million).

“There is a lot of progress now in the newly liberated areas,” said Liz Grande, a UNDP Resident Representative in Iraq. “It’s great to see people choose to go home and start rebuilding their lives and communities. Nothing is more important in Iraq than in these stage, but it is not possible to reduce the amount of damage, especially in Mosul, and this is why this generous contribution from Sweden came at the right time. “

“Sweden is strongly committed to supporting the efforts of the Iraqi government to provide basic services that benefit all Iraqis in newly liberated areas,” said Sweden’s ambassador to Iraq, Puntz Melaner, “and certainly the UNDP Stabilization Project is critical to ensuring the success of the military effort against Daesh.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency