14.6 MILLION Estimated Population in Need of Humanitarian Assistance in Syria UN – February 2022
12 MILLION Estimated Food-Insecure Population in Syria UN – February 2022
6.7 MILLION Estimated Number of IDPs in Syria UN – March 2022
5.5 MILLION Estimated People USAID/BHA Reaches per Month in Syria USAID/BHA – March 2022
2.1 MILLION Estimated People State/PRM Reaches per Month in Syria State/PRM – Sept 2021
• An estimated 12 million Syrians are projected to face acute food insecurity through September due to worsening critical food conditions related to poor wheat harvests.
• Ongoing electricity shortages and deteriorating socioeconomic conditions throughout Syria threaten humanitarian efforts across all response sectors, the UN reports.
• The price of the minimum food basket in Syria increased 36 percent from the onset of the Government of the Russian Federation (GoRF) invasion of Ukraine in February to June, contributing to food insecurity across the country, WFP reports.

Source: US Agency for International Development