The Syrian government, on Monday, congratulated Iraq, over the great victory achieved against the Daesh, stressing that, Syria is going ahead in cooperation with Iraq, to eliminate the Daesh completely.

A source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said, the Syrian government congratulates the Iraqi people and government for the great victory achieved by the Iraqi Army and Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) in Mosul.

The source said, this is a victory for all those who believe in eradicating the terrorism of the Daesh, and that, this noble victory is worth all the sacrifices in the framework of the universal war against terrorism.

The source added that Syria, which has always believed in solidarity between Syria and Iraq, in the common war on terrorism, is proud of the great sacrifices offered by the Iraqi people, army and PMU, to achieve this triumph, as it also offers deep condolences to families of the martyrs, wishing quick recovery for the injured.

The source went on to say that the collapse of the alleged Daesh state in Mosul is just the beginning of the collapse of the fantasies of terrorists and all those providing support to them.

The source stressed that the Syrian people, army, and government are going ahead alongside the Iraqi people, government, army, and PMU, to eradicate what remains of the Daesh, because the mobilisation of the joint efforts of the two countries is the main factor to guarantee that Daesh or any other form of terrorism will not return to these two countries or any other part of the region.

Source: NAM News Network