Talabani Discusses With The US Ambassador The Latest Political, Economic And Security Developments

The President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Bafel Talabani, discussed, today, Wednesday, with the Ambassador of the United States of America, Elena Romanowski, the latest political, economic and security developments.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan website stated that Talabani received Romanowski and during the meeting they discussed the latest political, economic, and security developments, and the problems between Erbil and Baghdad, and they stressed the constitutional and political solutions to the problems in a way that serves the aspirations of all parties and protects stability in the region.

Talabani said, according to the website: “Citizens’ livelihoods and financial entitlements cannot be linked to political issues, because the lives of our citizens are greater than making them victims of political conflicts, and we will take all necessary steps to end this unfortunate situation.”

He added, "Protecting the stability of the region is everyone's responsibility."

The general situation in the region and the issue of elections were another focus of the meeting, where Talabani said, “Political consensus must be achieved on all national issues, and we will reject any attempt outside of this will. We see that protecting the region’s entity and our strength is linked to unity of rank and position, and we will continue our efforts to achieve that.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency