Taliban announces control of 3 gates of Kabul airport

Baghdad The Taliban announced that it had taken control of three of the gates of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, after the withdrawal of US forces from it.

The Afghan Tolo News channel quoted an official of the movement as saying that the American soldiers who are supervising the evacuations from Kabul withdrew from three of the airport gates and some other parts of it, and that the movement’s forces are now controlling them.

For its part, the Chinese “Xinhua” network reported that: This statement was made by the prominent member of the Taliban’s political office, Inhamullah Samanjani.

The network quoted him as saying that among these gates is the entrance to the military section of the airport, and that US forces currently control only a small part of the airport, including the area where the radar system is located.

The Taliban had announced that its forces had entered the military part of Kabul Airport on Friday and had taken control of most of its parts.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency