Taliban: We condemn the Kabul airport attack, which Washington bears the responsibility to secure it

Baghdad The Afghan “Taliban” movement announced that it strongly condemns the two bombings that took place today, Thursday, in the vicinity of Kabul Airport, which left more than 40 people dead, considering that the reason for the attack was the presence of foreign forces at the airport.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns the two bombings that took place in the vicinity of Kabul Airport, as the United States forces bear the responsibility for security,” the movement’s spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said on Twitter.

Mujahid added: “We attach great importance to the security and protection of our people, and all those involved in this crime will be found and severely punished.”

For his part, Abdul Qahar Balkhi, a member of the Taliban’s cultural committee, told Turkish TV channel Haber Turk: “Once the facts are established at the airport and the foreign forces leave, such attacks will not happen anymore.”

The vicinity of Kabul Airport witnessed two explosions targeting crowds of Afghans who were trying to leave their country, killing more than 40 people and wounding 100 others.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency