Tangier Press House Inks Partnership Agreement with Palestinian Peer

A partnership agreement was signed on Thursday in Tangier between the Tangier Press House and the Palestinian Press House to strengthen communication, exchange experiences and develop working mechanisms to consolidate the values of journalism.

The agreement, initialed by Bilal Jadallah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestine Press House, and Said Koubrit, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tangier Press House, aims to work together to develop and modernize working methods and strengthen the principle of media independence in light of the role of the media in society and its contribution to enlightening public opinion and defending the just causes of both countries.

The agreement, signed in a ceremony attended by cultural and media personalities, journalists and associations, also aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation to improve the skills of journalists, support international media dynamics and respect journalistic ethics.

In a statement to MAP, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Press House of Palestine, established in 2013 and based in the Gaza Strip, said that the signing of a partnership agreement between two leading media institutions not only testifies to the depth of the historical and human relations between the Moroccan and Palestinian peoples, but also reflects the pioneering experience of the media sector in both countries, which exerts great efforts to defend the just causes of both countries, stressing that Morocco's support for Palestine at all levels is a model of true solidarity in the Arab and Islamic space.

Jadallah affirmed that the signing of this agreement is a milestone in history, noting that it will contribute to strengthening cohesion, rapprochement and solidarity between journalists from both countries, who have a prominent presence in various media around the world, as well as promoting the exchange of experiences between them.

For his part, Koubrit stressed that the two media institutions are today setting a new milestone on the path of strengthening the rapprochement and fraternity between Moroccan and Palestinian journalists by institutionalizing this relationship in its professional dimension, noting that this convention contributes to consolidating media ethics and professionalism.

Koubrit noted that Palestinian and Moroccan journalists are committed to defending the just causes of both countries and fundamental Arab and Islamic issues, without taking sides and with complete objectivity. He stressed that this agreement is of vital importance as it links two press institutions that have accumulated a wealth of experience and best practices in supporting journalistic work and promoting the media, which Morocco considers a fundamental sector in the process of its development.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse