– The National Committee to Combat Corona in Iran decided, today, Saturday, to close all government institutions, banks and shops, starting from the day after tomorrow, Monday, for a period of 6 days, with the aim of controlling the spread of Corona.

The Spokesman for the committee, Ali Reza Rais, said, according to Iranian media, that “travel between all cities will be prohibited from 12 noon tomorrow, Sunday, until next Friday, with the cancellation of all travel licenses issued,” and indicated, the need for all citizens to adhere to health protocols. “.

He added, “only the necessary professions, shops selling basic commodities and institutions that provide medical services will be allowed to practice their activities during the upcoming holidays,” noting that “according to the decision of the National Committee to Combat Corona today, it is forbidden to hold Husseini mourning ceremonies in closed places, and processions will also be prohibited.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency