Kirkuk The Arab Coalition in Kirkuk affirmed its support for the steps of the federal government and security forces in combating terrorism, and its adherence to keeping the Kirkuk security file federally, and to complete the deployment of security forces on all Kirkuk lands within the administrative borders.

The Arab Coalition in Kirkuk, headed by Rakan Al-Jubouri and whose membership includes Dr. Muhammad Tamim and Khaled Al-Mafraji, members of Parliament, parties, political forces and representatives of the main parties in Iraq, said in a statement issued yesterday evening, its firm position in support of the steps of the Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Joint Operations Command and the Ministries of Interior and defense of all steps that would improve the security situation in Kirkuk governorate by strengthening the military units, activating the intelligence effort, developing new plans in combating terrorism and imposing control and deployment of federal forces on all administrative borders of Kirkuk governorate and its oil fields and wells.

It renewed the Arab Coalition’s refusal to establish any joint coordination centers that would include representatives from the regional guard forces (Peshmerga) within the borders of Kirkuk governorate, and demanded adherence to the decision of the Iraqi House of Representatives on September 25, 2017, which stipulated limiting the responsibility of maintaining security to the federal forces and preventing the participation of any other forces in this file. .

At the same time, it continued, we are surprised at the insistence on giving a security role in the governorate of Kirkuk to the (Peshmerga) forces and its security agencies, and overlooking the fate of thousands of Arab citizens who were arrested for identity and the absence of most of them at the hands of these forces, and the demolition and leveling of 138 Arab villages and areas with chauvinist racist motives .

It stressed that the jewel of Iraq, Kirkuk, has been enjoying security, stability, justice and the law for nearly four years, which all components of Kirkuk have respected, calling on the Prime Minister to support the governorate and its administration and to preserve the gains of the law enforcement plan on October 16, 2017.

The United Iraq Turkmen Front and a member of the House of Representatives, Arshad al-Salhi, confirmed their rejection of establishing joint coordination centers that include the Peshmerga within the borders of Kirkuk governorate and not forfeiting the gains that were made after the implementation of the 2017 law enforcement plan.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency