The army forces tightened their siege on the Daesh elements, who infiltrated into the village / Imam Gharbi/ in Qayara south of Mosul

Mosul / The Command of the liberation operations of Nineveh announced that the army forces besieged the elements of the Daesh, which infiltrated early today to the village of / Imam Gharbi / located in the Qayara 45 km south of Mosul.

A military source told the that the army began to break into the village and the killing of infiltrators of the Daesh elements and rescue the citizens who used them as human shields in the village.

The source added that "the military units imposed a siege on the village after the closure of all the ports leading to it and it was able to kill seven suicide bombers during the confrontation and rescued dozens of families that the organization was holding in the village.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency