The arrest of (69) defendants, including 3 accused of Article /4 / of terrorism in Basra

Basra Basra police arrested today, Thursday, (69) suspects, against whom judicial warrants were issued according to various criminal articles, including three accused according to Article 4 of the Anti-Terrorism and Narcotics Law.

The Basra Governorate Police Directorate stated, according to a statement, “as part of a security campaign that included various activities in separate areas of the province, with the aim of pursuing wanted persons and enhancing security and stability in the province. It resulted in the arrest of three accused in accordance with Article 4 of the Anti-Terrorism Law and (69) accused of various criminal cases.”

He added, “narcotics were seized, estimated at 3 kilograms of hashish and (500) grams of narcotic crystal and drug tools, 3 Kalashnikov type rifles were also seized, in addition to the seizure of 85 vehicles and 113 motorcycles, in violation of traffic instructions and rules, in addition to the seizure of counterfeit coin.

The statement indicated that legal measures were taken against the accused and referred to the relevant security authorities.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency