The arrest of a woman responsible for recruiting and training ISIS women in Nineveh

Baghdad  The security forces arrested a female leader in the terrorist gangs of ISIS, and she is responsible for the so-called “Hisbah” and the recruitment and training of women in Nineveh.

The Directorate of Internal Affairs and Security at the Ministry of Interior stated in a statement that the arrest of the terrorist was carried out in the light of accurate intelligence information, and an audio recording was obtained from her when ISIS gangs were controlling Mosul, in which she declared the government, officials, and members of the security services to be infidels, and incitement against killing them, spreading sectarian spirit, inciting murder and captivity, recruiting women to work in the terrorist Daesh, as well as harboring terrorist elements of foreign nationalities coming from outside Iraq.

The Directorate indicated that the accused admitted that the audio recording obtained belonged to her, and she was presented before a judge and decided to refer her to the competent authorities to complete the necessary legal procedures against her.

It explained, “the accused’s husband is one of the terrorists convicted according to the anti-terrorism law, and is sentenced to 15 years in prison, and that her son and two of her brothers were killed during the liberation operations of the city of Mosul, as they were members of terrorist gangs


Source: National Iraqi News Agency