The arrest of an accused of counterfeit currency trade and others in cases of theft in Baghdad

Baghdad The Directorate of Combating Crime in Baghdad arrested an accused of trading with counterfeit currency and others in cases of theft in the capital, Baghdad.

A statement by the Directorate stated that the detachments of the Baghdad Anti-Crime Directorate / Bab Al-Sheikh office / managed to arrest a suspect for trading in counterfeit currency denominations of (50) thousand dinars, noting that the arrest took place after information was available about the accused, as a tight ambush was set up and his arrest in flagrante delicto while trying to discharge it.

He added that the Anti-crime detachments carried out arrest warrants against four suspects for stealing sums of money and residential homes within the districts of Al-Amel, Al-Kadhimiya, Al-Zohour and Al-Quds, and they were arrested according to legal articles 446, 444, 443, 442 of the Penal Code.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency