The Basra government is discussing with a UN representative ways to revive heritage projects and the marshes sector

Basra The Administrative Assistant to the Governor of Basra, Moeen Al-Hassan, discussed with the Director of the Office of the United Nations Human Settlements Program, Anna Sawafa, ways to ensure the revival of heritage and the marshes sector in Basra, and ways to enhance joint cooperation between the two sides.

The Administrative Assistant to the Governor of Basra said, in a press statement, that a preliminary agreement had been reached to implement projects in the marsh areas in southern Iraq, pointing out that the local government commends the efforts undertaken by UNESCO in order to achieve sustainable development in all areas, including the tourism field, pointing to the endeavor to strengthen partnerships from international organizations, including UNESCO.

He called for intensifying efforts between the two parties through holding joint workshops, especially on the subject of tourism, intangible cultural heritage, traditional crafts and cultural industries.

The Representative of the United Nations Program, Anna Sawafa, gave an explanation about one of the most important United Nations projects for the revival of heritage in Basra, which is the (Al-Shanasheel) project, which was launched recently, which is the outcome of a great effort previously submitted to the United Nations and relied on the preliminary studies submitted through the Iraq office.

The Representative of UNESCO confirmed Iraq’s position as a reliable partner, especially in the tourism fields, adding that UNESCO has a participatory plan and development programs despite the lack of funding, especially since the program seeks to target poor areas through the development of infrastructure, and ways to integrate human development concepts in the Hammar Marsh and other areas in southern Iraq.

She added that the United Nations has opened an office to the (UN) in Basra Governorate, pointing out that the program targets a number of areas in Iraq, including; Anbar, Basra, Amara and Kurdistan.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency