The Basra government is discussing with the UNICEF delegation a mechanism for developing schools in the province

Basra The First Deputy Governor of Basra, Muhammad Al-Tamimi, discussed with the UNICEF delegation headed by Damascus Macheri, the mechanism for developing schools in the province.

The deputy governor explained, according to a statement, that a meeting was held between the delegation and the local government, “which dealt with the construction of mini-kindergartens in every primary school to establish a preparatory class for children, as well as the need to pay attention to professional classes, pointing out that “this experiment will be launched as a model in the Shatt al-Arab district first, and then it will expand and include the rest of the other regions.”

Al-Tamimi added, “The UNICEF organization, over the course of a whole year, had prepared a complete study of all Basra schools to find out the real requirements that schools need from educational, administrative and other cadres.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency