Baghdad  The Belgian Parliament voted today, Thursday, on a resolution defining the mass killing of Yazidi Kurds as a crime of genocide.

The Kurdish media network Rudaw reported that 139 MPs in the Belgian parliament out of 150 voted in favor of a resolution recognizing the mass killing of Yazidi Kurds as a crime of genocide.

The Belgian Parliament is the second European Parliament, after the Dutch, to define this crime as genocide.

The network reported that the Foreign Relations Committee of the Belgian Parliament handed the draft resolution to Parliament yesterday, and it was voted on today.

After passing this decision, the Belgian government will have a set of tasks, including supporting the governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan region, so that Sinjar returns to its people, security and stability is provided in it, and its people can return to it.

It is noteworthy that the Dutch parliament defined on July 6, 2021 the mass killings committed against the Yazidis as genocide.

In early August 2014, ISIS militants attacked the city of Sinjar and its outskirts, and carried out a massive campaign of mass killing in it.

According to the data of the Yazidi Kidnapped Liberation Office, out of 6,417 kidnapped Yazidi Kurds, during the period from 3 August 2014 to 3 May 2021, 3,545 were liberated, including 1,205 women, 339 men, 45 girls and 956 children, while the fate of 2,768 Yazidi Kurds is still unknown.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency