The CBI Meets With The Private Banking Sector And Announces New Community Contributions

Baghdad The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq held a meeting with the private banking sector in the presence of the Mayor of Baghdad, Alaa Maan.

The Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghalib, stressed during his speech at the meeting that the private banking sector has an honorable role in supporting community initiatives, especially in the current economic situation in the country and the world.

The governor stated that the Central Bank has taken upon itself, in community initiatives, matters of interest to support culture, empower women, provide job opportunities for young people, and reconstruct monuments, buildings and heritage monuments of interest to the community in a way that revives the heritage of our country, and private banks have responded greatly to these pioneering trends.

The governor explained that the bank is seeking, in its new initiative, to rebuild Al-Mutanabi Street, the cultural center in Baghdad, and it is expected that these participations made by private banks today will contribute to the development of the most important features of the capital, Baghdad, in addition to other community activities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency