The Civil Aviation Authority Obliges Iraqis Traveling To Present The Int’l Vaccination Certificate, Starting From 10/1/2021

Baghdad The head of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority, Captain “Nael Saad Abdul-Hadi”, announced that Iraqis traveling outside Iraq must present the international certificate of vaccination with the Covid-19 vaccine, starting from 10/1/2021, in addition to the requirements of the country to which they want to travel.

He explained in a statement that those who have special cases prevent them from being vaccinated or those infected during the previous three months period are excluded from this decision (but it should be supported by medical reports from the competent committees) and obligating them to bring a negative PCR test that proves that they are not infected with the Coronavirus when traveling.

The head of the authority stated: This directive will be binding on all airlines operating in the country for the purpose of informing all its passengers.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency