The Coordinating Committee Of The Iraqi Resistance Factions Refuses To Keep US Forces In Iraq Under Any Name

Baghdad The Coordinating Committee of the Iraqi Resistance Factions announced its refusal to keep the US forces in Iraq under any name.

It said in a statement: The stability in the position and the approach is what the coordination of the Iraqi resistance has established and adopts its reasons, including with regard to the ongoing negotiations between the Iraqi government and the United States, and what is related to the withdrawal of its forces and ending its occupation of our land and sky and their exit from Iraq, and here we stress the conditions of the resistance, which will not allow the presence of any soldier on the land of our beloved Iraq and in any capacity and under any pretext or fabrication of legitimacy and fraud for that presence under various titles (trainers and advisors or as an air support ) a red herring, which does not change the equation, so its permanence with various arguments is only a means to achieve its malicious interests in our dear country, and under the existing conditions and processes.

It added, “We assure the people and those concerned with this file in particular, our position to clarify the falsification and distortion of facts and the flimsy delays to legitimize this murderous, violating and arrogant presence, according to several evidence, including that the American trainers, along with the international coalition forces, have proven a catastrophic failure and the experience in Iraq for ten years and the result was the collapse of the entire security and military establishment as occurred in 2014, and if we add to it the Afghan experience, which spanned over 20 years of training, and what we are witnessing today of the collapse and disintegration of the security system, these are all facts that refute all those who claim the authority of the trainers as a justification for this abhorrent presence, adding that the Iraqi forces did not rely on these trainers and advisors during its fight against and victory over ISIS, and what reinforces this fact is that their absence during the period that accompanied the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic did not affect in any way the performance of the Iraqi forces, but on the contrary, observers know very well that the intervention of foreign forces in the security file is always accompanied by violations and the recovery of ISIS groups, in a suspicious spying role on the work of security institutions, which has become not hidden.

It explained that the field in which the American advisers work does not deviate from the requirements of their national security and work for it, and that it causes catastrophic results for the rest of the peoples, and they exploit the joints of the Iraqi security services to achieve this, and Iraq and its people do not mean anything to them in front of this goal, and what we found from the complicity with the gangs criminal offenses in more than one stage of time, clearly defined, to reach their malicious intentions.

It stressed that the main mission of the US Air Force in Iraq is to defend the security of the Zionist entity, influence and obstruct the performance of the Iraqi security services, spy on the resistance factions and monitor their movements, and restrict and neutralize the Popular Mobilization from its multiple tasks and even target it in a criminal manner often.

It stressed that the withdrawal of the occupying forces, in order for it to be real, must be a complete withdrawal from all Iraqi lands, whether in central, southern or northern Iraq, as well as it must include both Ain Al-Assad Air Base and Al-Harir Air Base, and this means that no aircraft of any type will remain either fighter, helicopter, or drone, and it also includes the Victoria base at Baghdad airport and the third al-Tawhid base in the Green Zone.

It pointed out that the foreign presence must include both the presence under the name of the international coalition or the NATO forces, there is no difference between them, we will not agree to reduce the foreign presence under the name of the international coalition and increase it under the title of NATO forces, and the attempts of the Americans to enter it and increase their numbers under the pretext of protections and aides, and the like, will legitimizing their presence in another way.

It stressed the need to form a parliamentary committee, with express and written consent of the Prime Minister, with the authority to inspect to ensure that what is required is achieved, and this includes the authority to enter suddenly and without prior approvals to any camp on Iraqi soil, as well as to obtain information related to the existing number of foreign forces and their competencies, as well as the authority to ensure the applicability of preparation and competencies with the existing reality, as well as the authority to ensure respect for sovereignty in the Iraqi sky and the absence of foreign flights of all kinds in the Iraqi sky.

It added, the approval of the American withdrawal in the form we mentioned must also be issued by the American side as well, and not from the Iraqi side only, as happened in the previous negotiation, because, as it is known, the Americans are deceitful and have no obligation to what they agree on in secret rooms, nor what others say on their tongues.

It continued, although we believe that the American side is not credible in withdrawing from the land of Iraq and that the issue will not be more than an attempt to change phrases, addresses and banners without there being any real withdrawal of American forces from air bases, warplanes, helicopters and drones, and there will be no respect for Iraqi sovereignty over the Iraqi sky, but assuming the American side’s commitment to a real withdrawal and a commitment to the above points, the resistance factions will announce their commitment to what is required, otherwise, the Iraqi resistance will continue to deal with any foreign military presence, whether American or otherwise, as an occupation, and we will continue to fight it with all our might until the purification of our holy land.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency