The Council of Ministers holds its nineteenth regular session, headed by Al-Sudani, and takes several decisions

Baghdad, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani chaired today, Tuesday, the nineteenth regular session of the Council of Ministers, during which it discussed the general situation in the country, important files in various fields, and the topics on the agenda, and decisions and recommendations were taken regarding them.

In the field of regulating the investment of oil wealth and the work of companies investing in this sector, the Council of Ministers approved the recommendations of the Diwani Order Committee (3 of 2024) regarding the Kirkuk Investment Refinery and the recommendation of the Legal Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

In order to provide full support to the armed forces, the Council agreed to allocate the Ministry of Finance, an amount of (56.375) billion dinars, to the Ministry of Defense, for the necessary and important rehabilitation work to support army units, within the budget of the Ministry of Defense, and in coordination with the Ministry of Planning.

garding regulating the work of expatriate workers, the Council approved the recommendations of the Diwani Order Committee (23602), regarding studying the period for adjusting the legal status of violating foreign workers, submitted by the Ministry of Interior on February 24, 2024, taking into account the opinion of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers regarding it.

In the field of investment and its regulation, the Council of Ministers approved the authorization of the Chairman of the National Investment Commission as an agency, the authority to negotiate and sign an amendment to the definition of the territory mentioned in the agreement (encouraging and protecting investment between the government of the Republic of Iraq and the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), based on the provisions of the Constitution, provided that it is an integral part. It is an integral part of the aforementioned agreement, and the draft of that agreement, after its signing between the two countries, is refe
rred to the House of Representatives to complete the legal procedures for its approval, as stipulated in the Treaty Contracting Law (35 of 2015).

In appreciation of the achievement made by the champions of our Olympic team in qualifying for the Paris Olympics 2024, the Council of Ministers approved honoring the players of the Olympic soccer team with plots of free residential land with an area of (200 square meters) and a monthly grant of 400 thousand dinars for each of them, in accordance with Article 3/II – C, of the law granting champion and Pioneer Athletes (6 of 2013); For their third place in the Asian Cup under the age of (23) years, and their qualification to the Olympic Games in Paris, it was also approved to honor the training staff of the Iraqi Olympic football team by plotting residential plots of land with an area of (200 square meters) for each of them, as well as honoring the Iraqi weightlifter (Ali Ammar Yusr), with a plot of land of 200 square meters; for qualifying for the Paris Olympics, e
xcluding those mentioned from the two hometown conditions and a personal pledge that the aforementioned individuals, or their wives or minor children, will not own a plot of residential land or a housing unit from the state.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency