The Counter-Terrorism Service Affirms Its Full Readiness To Confront Any Imminent Threat To Iraq’s People And Land

Baghdad The Counter-Terrorism Service affirmed its complete readiness to confront any imminent danger to Iraq’s people and land, and said that the enemy’s attempt to intimidate the fabricated news is nothing but disappointed psychological messages in an effort to gain a foothold again.

A statement by the Counter-Terrorism Service stated, “The CTS has witnessed, during the past two years, a significant escalation in its efforts and activities, and the outcome was as follows: First, the number of duties carried out {694}, secondly, the number of ISIS deaths {343} Third, the number of arrested terrorists {622} terrorists, and they were referred to the judiciary to receive their just punishment; fourthly, the number of destroyed enemy hideouts {442} added fifthly, the number of air strikes carried out {595}.

The statement added, “This statistic is officially proven by the Ministerial Council for National Security, and most of these operations are documented by the media of the Counter-Terrorism Service, agencies and news channels, and the CTS was keen to present what can be presented to citizens through social media, and we confirm that the CTS did not announce many duties for security reasons related to our quality operations.

“We will defeat terrorism with our strength, determination and support from our people, and the days will reveal how we will teach the remnants of ISIS harsh disciplinary lessons in the coming days,” CTS added.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency