Baghdad The Directorate of the Martyrs of Dhi Qar announced today the presence of a new mass grave in Tal Al-Lahem area, after opening the previous cemetery in the Sayed Dahab area.

The Assistant Director, Ahmed Al-Battat, told Nasiriyah News Network that contacts and reports from citizens residing in Suq Al-Shuyoukh district confirmed the existence of a mass grave in Tal Al-Lahem area dating back to the popular uprising in 1991.

He added, that the Directorate’s cadres were able to reach close to the cemetery site and identify the area, but it could not be opened. The Human Rights Office in Dhi Qar, the National Security Apparatus, and the Civil Defense Directorate were addressed to ensure that the area was free of any war projectiles, in addition to addressing the Mass Graves Department in Baghdad to take the necessary measures and set a date for its opening.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency