The Electoral Commission Confirms Closure Of Accepting Requests To Withdraw From The Elections

Baghdad  The Electoral Commission renewed its confirmation of closing the door for accepting requests to withdraw from candidacy for the electoral race scheduled for the tenth of next October.

Commission spokeswoman Jumana Al-Ghalay said, in a press statement, “The door for accepting the withdrawal requests was closed on June 20, which was the last date for receiving the withdrawal requests,” noting that “the Electoral Commission approved the candidates and ended the lottery for their numbers.”

She added, “The Electoral Commission is in the process of designing the ballot paper, and we have not received any request to withdraw from any individual candidate,” but added, “If requests for withdrawal are submitted to the Commission, the first and last decision and separation belongs to the Board of Commissioners.”

It is mentioned that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, announced today, Thursday, that he would not participate in upcoming elections, and withdrew his hand from all those belonging to the current and subsequent government.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency