The Emir Of Qatar Responds To His Gulf Neighbors By Telephone With Rouhani

BAGHDAD - In a phone call made on Sunday to the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Qatar expressed its readiness to develop relations with Tehran, the Qatari news agency reported.

The Emir of Qatar assured President Rouhani after exchanging greetings on Eid al-Fitr that his country welcomes cooperation and cooperation with Tehran, according to the Iranian agency.

Sheikh Tamim expressed his appreciation for the support of the Iranian government and people to Qatar, pointing out that relation between the two countries have always been growing and strong. He expressed his readiness to develop bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields and to cooperate to solve the issues of the Islamic world.

Sheikh Tamim pointed out that the Islamic world is currently undergoing difficult circumstances, and that solving its problems needs to give priority to wisdom and dialogue.

For his part, Rouhani stressed his country's stand on Qatar and its government's side, stressing that Tehran's policy is based on developing relations with Doha.

"Helping Qatar's economy and developing relations, especially between the private sectors of the two countries, would be our common goals," Rouhani said during the call, noting that Tehran stood by the government and people of Qatar. "The pressures, threats and embargoes cannot be a correct way to resolve differences ".

The Iranian president said that "imposing blockade on Qatar is unacceptable," stressing that "Iranian airspace, land and sea will always be open to Qatar as a fried and a neighbor country."

It is mentioned that the countries boycotting Qatar Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, earlier presented a list of demands to Doha, asking Qatar to reduce the diplomatic representation with Iran, and expel any member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on its territory.

The list also called on Qatar to close the Turkish military base on the Qatari territory, and demanded compensation that did not mention its size, along with other demand.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency