The F16 target a terrorist detachment and turned its members to ashes

The Military Intelligence Directorate announced that the F16 Falcons carried out an air strike on a terrorist detachment and turned its members to ashes.

The Directorate stated in a statement, ‘With very accurate information from the Directorate of Military Intelligence, continuous monitoring from their technical resources, their distinguished effort for two consecutive days, and the precise, heroic implementation we witnessed from the heroes of the Air Falcons, specifically the F16, and planning and supervision from the Targeting Cell/Joint Operations Command, the painful strikes continue on the remaining detachments of elements of defeated terrorist ISIS, where a terrorist detachment, fully equipped and armed, fell under the grip of our Falcons’ fire in the Kirkuk/Lower Zab operations sector. The Falcons turned the ISIS detachment into ashes, scattered by the winds of defeat. We will provide you with all the details later.

It continued: Thus, the operations to cleanse our sacred national soil continue, an
d the hawks continue to besiege the failed detachments to receive their just punishment at the hands of the heroes of our heroic security forces.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency