The Federal Police forces controlled an underground camp to train the Daesh terrorists

BAGHDAD / The Federal Police forces announced that they have taken control over a large underground camp to train terrorists of Daesh organization in Mosul.

"The federal police units have managed to control a terrorist training camp known as Abu Masoud for violent training in the town of al-Busayf, west of Mosul," Federal Police Chief Major-General Raed Shaker Jawdat said in a statement.

"The camp is 1,500 square meters and is located at a depth of 10 meters below ground," he said.

He added that "our attacking units killed 15 people and destroyed 3 positions of the snipers, dismantled 46 explosive devices and 4 explosive belts and seized a warehouse containing 18 anti-tank missiles. Communications equipment and combat equipment. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency