The First Groups Of The Arbaeen Pilgrims Sets Off From Ras Al-Bishah, The Far South Of Basra, To Karbala

Basra The first group of Arbaeen pilgrims set off from Ras Al-Bishah in the city of Al-Faw, far south of Iraq, towards the holy city of Karbala.

The director of the Ras Al-Bishah district, south of Basra, Ahmed Al-Rubaie, told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the concerned authorities began preparing logistical matters to facilitate the smooth flow of pilgrims (visitors) in coordination with the Faw district municipality, and erected pavilions along the road from Al-Faw to Karbala.

He pointed out that there is coordination with the security services in the governorate to secure the road and provide a health center and medical detachments to provide health services to visitors.

Al-Rubaie called on truck drivers to adhere to and abide by the speed possible in order to avoid accidents that occur, especially at night.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency