The First Int’l Investment Conference Launched In Basra/ More

Baghdad The activities of the first international investment conference were launched this morning, Saturday in Basra, in the presence of Basra Governor Asaad Al-Eidani and President of the National Investment Commission Suha Al-Najjar, with the participation of a number of investment companies.

The head of the National Investment Commission, Suha Al-Najjar, stressed, in a speech at the opening of the conference, that there are great challenges facing investment in Iraq in general and Basra in particular.

Al-Najjar said: “Political stability leads to economic stability,” noting that “Iraq is a promising market, so there must be a productive industry and promising investment, and moving away from dependence on oil and moving towards productive sectors.”

She called on investors in Iraq to promote long-term investment and leave the trend of quick profit that most investors took after 2003, stressing the importance of promoting long-term investment to build Iraq.

The head of the National Investment Commission called on all governments to activate industry and investment, indicating: “Iraq had a strong industry even in light of the economic sanctions during the era of the previous regime.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency