The former Minister of Health to / NINA /: There is no need to return to the preventive ban .. and the situation in Iraq is still better than other countries

Baghdad The former Minister of Health, Jaafar Sadiq Allawi, reassured the Iraqis that there is no need to return to the preventive ban to confront the epidemic waves of the Corona pandemic, except that Iraq’s situation is better than that of neighboring countries and other countries.

Allawi said, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that “the Corona epidemic is a global pandemic that has struck major countries such as America, Britain and many others, but Iraq’s situation is still better than that of neighboring countries and other countries.”

He explained, “the cadres and staff of the Ministry of Health worked with a clear effort under the supervision of the World Health Organization, and the Ministry, with its staff, succeeded in confronting the epidemic waves of the Corona pandemic.”

He added, “The pandemic continues, and with the introduction of the vaccine, infection rates have become weaker than before, after the fear was about death rates previously, but by taking the vaccine, we noticed a decrease in the number of deaths and a decline in the spread of the disease to lower degrees,” calling on citizens to adhere to the Ministry of Health’s measures to prevent infection with corona virus and get the vaccine.

On the extent of the actual need to return to imposing the preventive ban, the former Minister of Health stressed that “Iraq does not need to return to the preventive ban, especially since other countries have begun to lift restrictions and deal with the pandemic as a disease like influenza, as well as the increase in the number of recipients of the vaccine globally.”

On the current vaccination rates in Iraq, Allawi explained that “the current vaccination rates so far are below ambition, but the Ministry of Health is in continuous work and the government provides the vaccine in most hospitals, and the epidemic still poses a risk similar to other diseases, but we ask our citizens to take the vaccine that has proven effective, as well as adhering to health guidelines to protect themselves and the safety of our patients.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency