The Governor of Kirkuk discusses with a UN representative to ensure that the elections are held transparently

Kirkuk The Governor of Kirkuk, Rakan Saeed Al-Jubouri, discussed with the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Engiburgh Solron Geshladottir, the conduct of elections and the political and security situation in Kirkuk.

The Governor stressed the importance for the UNAMI mission to have a role in the elections in Kirkuk, given that Kirkuk has a specificity and national importance. The demands and proposals must be taken into account to find solutions for them, and the great attention to the demands made by the components of the governorate to ensure trust, partnership, justice, integrity of the electoral process, guarantee the rights of all, and enhance the importance of participation in the elections in a way that contributes to enhancing security and stability of Kirkuk and the preservation of the gains made for the citizens of Kirkuk.

Geshladottir affirmed the mission’s keenness to support the UNAMI office in Kirkuk and for election affairs, given the importance and role of the United Nations mission and its large and active role in Iraq.

The meeting, which was attended by Laura Romanazi, director of the Kirkuk office of the UNAMI and responsible for the political department, and Dr. Imad Adham, head of the advisory board, dealt with the security situation in the governorate and the demands and proposals that guarantee holding elections that enhance participation and stability of Kirkuk.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency