The Governor of Kirkuk is discussing with UNAMI efforts to support stability and reconstruction of liberated areas

Kirkuk The Governor of Kirkuk, Rakan Al-Jubouri, discussed with Laura Romanazi, Director of the Kirkuk office of the UNAMI mission and in charge of the political section, efforts to support stability and reconstruction of liberated areas, the security situation in Kirkuk governorate and efforts to secure basic services for its citizens.

During the meeting, the Governor stressed the importance of continuing efforts to rebuild the liberated areas and implement projects commensurate with the size of the destruction that befell the areas that were destroyed by ISIS terrorism and during the military operations, as well as the role and effort of the United Nations Mission in finding solutions and resolving the issue of the disappeared and supporting the file of rebuilding the destroyed villages. The Kirkuk administration was keen on making the efforts to restore stability and rebuilding the liberated areas a success, increasing the percentage of financial allocations from international organizations, especially the United Nations Development Program in Iraq, for the reconstruction of the liberated areas in the Kirkuk governorate, and ensuring the re-introduction of the (WFP) program to secure the needs and support of the displaced returning to their areas and the governorate’s need for their work.

It was decided during the meeting to coordinate, communicate and work with the United Nations in a way that strengthens the partnership between Iraq and the United Nations represented by the UNAMI mission in Iraq, and its active office in Kirkuk.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency