The governor of Nineveh confirms his refusal to return the families of the terrorist organization ISIS

Mosul Nineveh Governor Najm al-Jubouri affirmed his categorical rejection of the return of the families of ISIS terrorist members and transferring them from al-Hol camp in Syria to al-Jada’a camp in al-Qayyarah district, south of Mosul.

In a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), Al-Jubouri denied the involvement of the local government in this decision, noting that “the security leaders and the Ministry of Displacement and Migration confirmed that these families have no connection with ISIS and that they are displaced people, and they will be transferred for only 3 months.”

The representative of Nineveh Governorate, head of the Parliamentary Regions and Provinces Committee, Shirwan Dobardani, announced last week the transfer of ISIS families from al-Hol camp to southern Mosul.

Al-Dobardani said that “about 93 families arrived at Al-Jada’a camp, located in Qayyarah district, 60 km south of Mosul, despite all efforts made to prevent the transfer of those families to Nineveh.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency