The ” Group of Seven ” holds a meeting with the participation of Russia and China on Afghanistang

Baghdad The Japanese Foreign Ministry announced that the Group of Seven will hold a meeting with the participation of Russia and China next Wednesday to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

Today, Sunday, Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said: “Next week, a meeting will be held at the level of foreign ministers of the Group of Seven countries to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, where ministers from Russia, China and other countries are expected to attend.”

On the fifteenth of last August, the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital, Kabul, without much resistance, less than two weeks after the start of clashes between government forces and the movement’s militants, while Panjshir province, located in the northeast of the country, remained the only province outside its control.

By the end of last August 31, the Taliban had seized the entire Kabul airport, hours after the last US military plane had taken off and the foreign forces had finally left Afghanistan./


Source: National Iraqi News Agency