The Head Of Dhi Qar’s Court of Appeal Discusses With A UN Official The Issues Related To The Demonstrators

Baghdad The President of the Federal Court of Appeal in Dhi Qar, Judge Muhammad Haider Hussein, received the Head of the Iraq Office for Human Rights at the United Nations (UNAMI) Daniela Bell, and they discussed issues related to the demonstrators, human rights issues and the guarantees stipulated by the law to protect the accused upon arrest and investigation with him.

A statement by the Media Center of the Supreme Judicial Council stated: “The two parties discussed the cases related to the demonstrators, as Haider Hussein confirmed that they had exceeded (1200) cases.” He added: “The judicial body competent to examine these cases is continuing to complete the investigative procedures in the manner prescribed by the law, but it is restricted by what is stipulated in Article (111) of the Code of Criminal Procedure for the Internal Security Forces No. (17) for the year 2008 judging that it is not permissible to inform a policeman or summoning him to attend or arrest him except with the approval of the minister or whoever authorizes him if the act was committed while performing his duty”.

The statement added, “The President of the Federal Court of Appeal in Dhi Qar, Judge Muhammad Haider Hussein confirmed that all the arrested peaceful demonstrators have been released. As for those against whom there is evidence of committing acts criminalized by the law, this requires referring their cases to the competent courts to conduct their trial, in order to reach a fair and guaranteeing judgment of the rights of all parties to the case.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency