The Head Of The Parliamentary Sports Committee Explains The Reasons For The Modest Iraqi Participation In The Olympics

Baghdad The head of the Parliamentary Youth and Sports Committee, Abbas Alawi, attributed the modest participation of Iraq in the Olympic Games taking place in Tokyo, to the state of instability witnessed by the Olympic Committee in the previous stage, in addition to financial reasons.

Alawi told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA: “The Olympics Committee witnessed the suspension of its activities for nearly a whole year, and after that there were intersections over the elections for the Executive Office and the re-election, this cost Iraqi sports a long time, during which the sport was almost disabled, not to mention the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

He stated: “The suspension of Olympic activity for a full year in accordance with resolution 140 put the sports federations in embarrassment and limited the development of competitions, and the delay in approving the budget and disbursing the money allocated to it contributed in another way to the delay in the arrival of the allocations for players and coaches.”

He pointed out: “Sports will witness a new era in light of the adoption of the new sports federations law, and its application will end the state of conflict over sites. In return, it will grant freedom of action to the federations.”

It is noteworthy that Iraq’s mission to the Olympic Games in Tokyo was limited to only three athletes, which is the poorest in the history of Iraq’s participation.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency