The House of Representatives holds a deliberative session headed by Al-Halbousi and attended by 58 MPs

Baghdad The House of Representatives held a deliberative session today, headed by Mohammed Al-Halbousi, Speaker of the Council, in the presence of 58 MPs, to discuss a number of legislative, oversight and regulatory issues.

The parliamentary department stated in a statement: “Adel Hashush al-Rikabi has sworn in at the beginning of the session as MP in the House of Representatives.”

Al-Halbousi confirmed that the Council will start holding deliberative meetings headed by the First Vice-President of the Council Hakim Al-Zamili with the leaders of the political blocs tomorrow, Tuesday, to consult on the distribution of MPs to the parliamentary committees to proceed with the start of legislative and oversight work.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives directed to host the Ministers of Agriculture and Trade tomorrow, Tuesday, to discuss the delay in distributing farmers’ entitlements and the agricultural reality in general, as well as hosting the Director General of the Companies Registration Department to see the numbers of foreign and Iraqi workers in the companies.

In the same context, the Speaker of the House of Representatives directed the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to address the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to expedite the sending of the federal budget so that the Council can begin to discuss and vote on it.

For his part, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Hakim Al-Zamili indicated that starting tomorrow, Tuesday, we will hold a meeting with the heads of the political forces to consult on resolving the formation of “parliamentary committees” as the most important and basis for the legislative and oversight work of the House of Representatives, noting that taking into account the competence, professionalism, experience and efficiency in naming the House of Representatives Members of the parliamentary committees, pointing out that the strength of the House of Representatives is as strong as its presidency and members and their necessary role in activating their parliamentary and oversight functions, stressing the need for this session to be effective and influential to achieve the reform that the people aspire to.

For his part, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Shakhwan Abdullah, stated that the House is continuing to exercise its oversight and legislative role, and that the discussions of the political blocs regarding the selection of the President of the Republic will not affect the House of Representatives in exercising its oversight and legislative role entrusted to it.

Council members also discussed a number of issues, including the formation of parliamentary committees, stressing the need to adopt competence when distributing representatives to committees, as well as discussing the service and security reality in the governorates, stressing the need to work hard to provide services to citizens and alleviate their suffering.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency