The House of Representatives voted in its 26th session held under the chairmanship of Mohamed Al-Halbousi, the Speaker of the Parliament today, in the presence of 233 MPs to the Ministers of Defense, Interior and Justice and ended the first reading of two laws as it began discussing the draft law of the Federal Court.

Al-Halbousi announced at the beginning of the meeting the receipt of a letter from the Prime Minister, including his commitment to what he presented in the government program, noting that the Prime Minister gave the names in the best estimate of compatibility and efficiency, noting that in the event of rejection of the Council some or all names, other names will be presented after 3 days as a maximum.

The council completed the vote on the cabinet reshuffle, giving confidence to the success of Hassan Ali al-Shammari, as the Minister of Defense, Yasin Taha Hassan al-Yasiri as Interior Minister and Farouk Amin Othman Mohamed Shwani as Minister of Justice.

The Council also approved the request of the Prime Minister to exempt Shaima Khalil Al-Hayali, who had previously won the confidence of the Council for the post of Minister of Education and later applied for exemption from this task.

The council voted not to grant confidence to Hussein Ali al-Hamdani’s post as Minister of Education after receiving 109 votes out of 233 votes.

Then Najah al-Shammari, Yasin al-Yasiri and Faruq Shwani were sworn in as Ministers of Defense, Interior and Justice.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency